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Dear Growers

Growing your own edibles veganic or organic, is the best way to insure that you are getting the best nutrients for your body's needs to thrive and be healthy. At Shivas Grow Garden we use only natural occurring nutrients that we grow and make ourselves. 100% VCF grown veggies and fruits. No chemical or animal addatives. We are lookling back on 40 years of growing experience and testing different plant nutrients to get our lineup.

Here at our grow shop we are introducing a new service that has never been done before. We want to with our model give people the possibility to produce their own medicine with plants grown by them or us. We want to start a new era in the handling of cannabis.

Private Orders

Customers can have us grow for them which would be much cheaper than going to the dispensary because the Dispensary prices are already at €20 per gramm which is very expansive, especially when you compare it to what a gramm costs on the street, which is €10-12 per gramm. Lets do the math...

The customer chooses and orders the seeds and strain, and we do the rest, i.e. is germinate, plant and grow the seeds. We guarantee all seeds. After 2-3 weeks the customer can pick up their plants. This applies mainly to customers that have the permission to grow their own grass. We will at customers request plant and grow their cannabis seeds for them and give them free assistance if needed once they have received their plants from us. Or we will make house calls to help them get their grow going properly and in the right direction.

If a customer so wishes they can leave the plants with us, and we will take care of them i.e. feed and take care of the plants with our special grow and bloom mixtures and ferments. Do low stress training, high stress training, defoliation, lolly popping, super cropping when needed, and flip the plants to send them into flower. While the plants are in flower we will monitor the process and keep the customer informed. If any problems occur during the grow we will automatically take care of them and deliver to the customer ready cured and manicured VCF medical marijuana. After the plants reach a height between 40-60cm we will flip your plants and send them into flower and nourish the plants until harvest. This whole process should take between 16-18 weeks depending on the strain.

The advantages here are that the customer, first of all it is much less expensive than the dispensaries, The customer won't have to purchase any extra products for their grow and the customer is guaranteed to get 100% VCF cannabis.



Description €Price

Medical Grow

Our goal is to help people that can't afford the dispensary prices, get good clean cannabis at less than half the price as in the dispensary. 3 plants that have a height of 60-75cm and 40-60 cm wide can yield a minimum of 200-250 gramms of 100% pure VCF or more. Our medical grow is a 16-18 week grow from seed to harvest, which we will dry, cure and package the plant for the customer.

200-250 gramm of cannabis will cost you on the street app. €2.000-€2.500. That is a lot of paper especially when we can grow it yourself and save all that money and at the same time, it's much more healthier for you.

3 seeds Customer chooses seed strain   €30-50
Grow start Germination and planting  
Grow period 1 VEG/grow - per plant 0-8 week period- defoliation, low stress training, love and devotion   €69.90
Time schedule change BLOOM Flipping1 - per plant 8-13 week period- feed change, defoliation, lollipopping, HS training, directing   €98,90
Grow period 2 BLOOM Flipping2 - per plant 13-16 week period defoliation, lollipopping, high stress training etc. €89,99
Grow period 3 Prepare for harvest - per plant 16-18 week period final defoliation   €88.97
Private Orders
Plants that we grow per customer order will consist of any strain that they choose, only differece is the cost of the seeds, some cost more than others. A customer can order their special grow from our nursery. We will take care of your plants with TLC.
3 seeds

Customer chooses seed strain

Germination and planting
Grow period 1
VEG/grow- per plant 8 week period- defoliation, low stress training, love and devotion
Grow period 2
BLOOM- per plant 8 week period- defoliation, high stress training, lollipopping etc.
Plant TLC
16 week period, €40 pro plant per week- i.e. lights, food, water, defoliation, low stress training ect.


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