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Dear Growers

Here at the grow shop we are introducing a new servicve that has never been done before. We want to with our model give people the possibility to produce their own medicine with plants grown by them or us.

We want to start a new era in the handling of cannabis. A customer can order from us plants that we grow just like in a plant nursery. The customer orders the seeds, and we grow them for that customer. This applies mainly to customers that have the permission to grow their own grass and are not under age. We will at the customers request plant and grow your cannabis seeds for you and give you free assistance, if needed once you have received your plants from us. Or we will make house calls to help you get your grow going properly and in the right direction.

Here are 5 reasons why you should grow your own VCF weed.


Health- Your overall health is important, and you want to use nutrients that are free from chemical pesticides-homocides.

2. Finance- By growing your medical cannabis you can save a ton of money, by not having to get your medicine from the pharmacy or dealer.
3. Plant Health- Chemicals Destroys the plant immune system, and makes them toxic when you feed them chemical fertilizers
4. Spiritual- A clean body is a clean mind. Get away from chemically grown and treated cannabis and help crush the black market.
5. Medical- smoking is not the only way to consume cannabis. Try edibles, you will be surprised the difference that eating cannabis makes.


Medical Grow-Vegan Dynamic

Medical mairjuana is becoming more and more the trend now days and if you are tired of filling your body with inferior chemically treated cannabis then you are on the right road, because it is your right NOT to have to consume cannabis that is loaded with artificial cannabanoids and other chemicals. The plants that we eat and use were not created to consume chemicals.

People that have chronic illnesses, or just do not have the time, can have their plants grown by us, or we avdise them from home. We will do the germination planting and growing of the plants for them. This can prove to be very beneficial for the customer, not having to worry about whether the product is laced with artificial cannabinoids such as JWH-018 which is an aminoalkylindole used as an active ingredient of products sold as cannabis substitutes. Or AB-Chminaca which is a indazole based synthetic cannabinoid that keep you coming back to buy more, and more of these chemical bombs. These chemicals have been reported to produce in some cases seizures, deaths, and psychotic episodes in relation to this synthetic cannabinoid.

The most beneficial part of this program is that people won't have to deal with the pharmacies over charging you for a gramm of weed for the medicine that they need.

Our med. grow will include taking care of the plant from seed to weed and everything that goes along with it, i.e. all aspects and stages of development such as Lolly Popping, Low Stress Training, High Stress Training, Defoliation and Super Cropping.



Private Orders and Grow

Order your medical plants from us and be assured that the seeds and plants that you get are of the best quality and health. We grow only VCF (Veganic Chemical Free cannabis) plants that we grow from seeds and not from clones.

Here's how it works. We will at customers request plant and grow their cannabis seeds for them. The customer chooses the genetics from our selections and place the order. Once the order is finalized, we will germinate, plant and grow your seed (s) for you. This way you will start with 100% healthy plants. We then grow the plant and contact the customer after app. 2 weeks of growing time. This will give the customer time to get Coco, Perlite and Earth or what ever they decide on as a medium for the plant. The plant(s) is then packed and are ready for customer pick up or be delivered to the customer. Our home grow allows you to get top quality plants from top quality seeds. We limit ourself to ony 1 or 2 seed growers in order not to confuse you. And with the many types of seeds that you can buy on the market today, we don't want to overwhelm our customers...

All of our plants are guaranteed, and if you do get a bad seed we will replace it. If the customer wishes, we can also continue growing the plant for them until harvest. ORDER HERE!


Instructions for Planting:

Step I

Before you plant your plants make sure that you have prepared you medium, i.e. earth, coco, perlite or a combination of the three, and supplemented with Calcium, Magnesium.

After you have set up your planting pots with the medium of your choice, leaving enough room to place the plant in it, sprinkle enough Mycorrhizae fungai in the bottom of the pot and on the roots of the plants to provide them with this valuable root stimulant, and also to help the plant overcome transplant shock.

Step II

Carefully remove your plant from the cup, place it in the preferred pot with medium and cover good.

Step III

PH your water between 6.0-7.0 and water your plants. Place your plant under the light, and after 5-7 days of watering your plant when it needs it, you can start with feeding.

Step IV

Your plant will always tell you when it needs water. You will notice this when the fan leaves begin to droop. Or when the medium that you use feels dry. At this time you need to water your plant. When I say water I mean also that you should feed the plant at the same time well. Each time you water, feed.

Caring For Your Plant

Some of the things that will help you care properly for your plants are, first and foremost feeding and training. You have to direct and train your plants to get the best yield that you can. Defoliation, high stress training, low stress training, lolly popping, and super cropping are the main training methods that your plants need to produce big buds and flowers.

For more information please refer to the following links.

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