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Lights are one of the most important things that you will need on order to grow decent weed. Growing inside is quite different from growing outside. There are literally hundreds of growlights, and if you are on a strict budget, then you have to choose well, especially if you live in Europe because growing weed is basically new to Europe. A few years ago lights were really expensive, but since companies like Marz put out the Hydro and the company Spider Farmer has emerged, good lights are being introduced into the main stream. Usually you can get a relative good light, but you have to put out lots of for them.

As you probably know , it is extremely important that you get a good grow light system for your grow. I personally would put lights on top of everything else that you need for a successful inside grow. Lighting is one of the essential things that you need to have a successful grow, this cannot be stressed more. Without proper lighting your yield will suffer, no matter what type amendments you use. Good for the novice grower and people that do not have much space, the lights listed below are the perfect lights for you. Inexpensive, powerful and delivers good results. All of these lights can be purchased on Amazon.

Mars Hydro €349.99 Spider Farmer €189.99 Sylstar €189.99 Viperespectrum €189.99
Mars Hydro is also one of the best lights for the price. Extremely high yield: latest SMD LED technology. Pay less bills: full spectrum, only 300 W compared to conventional 400 W HPS/MH. Covers a 4 x 4 ft plant footprint at 24 inches and a 4 x 3.5 ft flower footprint at 18 inches. Sunlight spectrum: infinite close to natural light, best for all plants that sow, grow and flower. Dimmer on the power supply can easily adjust the brightness yourself.
An excellent grow light the Spider Farmer LED Grow Light - SF LED Plant Lamp - Full Spectrum LED Grow Light - Full Spectrum for Houseplants, Vegetables, Flowers. SF1000 grow light uses Full Spectrum lights: white, blue, red and IR (3000K, 5000K, 660nm and IR 760nm).
Sylstar Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light, GL-1000 LED Grow Lights with Samsung LM301B & Dim mable Mean Well Driver, 110 W LED Grow Light for Hydroponic House Plants, Vegetables, Flowers. Samsung LM301B LED, high light intensity, low lumen depreciation, great lighting and high PAR values. The Samsung LM301B LED chip delivers a high light output and full-cycle growth. With less energy, you can boost yields by 40%.
High efficiency and harvested higher quality: the Viparspectra XS1000 LED grow lamp is equipped with the latest high-quality LED technology from Samsung. High surface coverage and less energy consumption: comparable to traditional 250W HPS/MH lamps at only 100W energy consumption, resulting in a 50% higher yield and less energy costs.


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