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Tips for a successful Veganic grow and harvest 100% VCF Grow Nutrients


We recommend that if you are a novice smoker and grower and new to growing, that you start with strains that are not too high in THC. If at some point you realize that you want stronger strains, then upgrade to the next level. All our strains have the strongest CBD and THC levels that you can get in Europe. All our seeds are feminized seeds, insuring that you get only female plants that are suitable for Medical and recreational purposes.

We, here at the Shivas Grow Garden want to help people get over the addiction that chemically coated cannabis brings with it, and rid themselves of the physical and mental dependency of artificially grown cannabis. That is why we offer the best seeds and plants that are organically grown on the market today.

If you are a consumer and you get your weed from a friend or off the street, chances are that the product that you are purchasing is loaded with chemicals and grown from inferior seeds. When cannabis plants come to the last stage of their life, most people do what call „Flushing“. This is the process of feeding the plant only water that is PH to 6.0-7.0 over a period between 1-2 weeks. If this is not done the plant will taste horrible. But big growers and distributors cannot afford to do this and this is why we get what we get.

First of all growers take low grade cannabis seeds and use massive amounts of chemicals to grow their plants quickly. And if they do not flush properly, the chemicals remain in the plant. And secondly, weed bought on the black market is sprayed heavily with artificial cannabinoids from China called JWH-018 which is an aminoalkylindole used as an active ingredient of products sold as cannabis substitutes. Or AB-Chminaca which is a indazole based synthetic cannabinoid that keep you coming back to buy more, and more of these chemical bombs because they have made us all chemical junkies without us knowing it. These chemicals have been reported to produce in some cases seizures, deaths, and psychotic episodes in relation to this synthetic cannabinoid.

In general there are many different types of chemicals in the cannabis that most of us consume to keep you coming back to buy these chemical bombs on a daily basis. We are chemical junkies without knowing it. In Europe growers and dealers keep you dependent on the weed they sell because it is cut with artificial cannabinoids from China called JWH or AB-Chminaca. Dealers in Europe use low grade cannabis with low grade THC and CBD content. And then the cannabis is sprayed with these chemicals which are designed to make you dependent on that particular type weed.

We at Shivas Grow Garden pride ourselves in producing the best quality plants and providing the best quality seeds for your private grow, all organically grown from some of the best and strongest seeds that are on the market today.

Before you start your grow, make sure that you familiarize yourself with our grow tips and solutions. You should have everything in place so you can start immediately. Make sure that you have made or purchased all the suggested nutrient solutions before getting started.




Choosing Your Seeds

Because of the fact that there are tons of seeds and seed banks in Germany and Europe, we limit our selection to 1 or 2 different suppliers as not to confuse you, and there are way too many bootleg seed dealers that will take your money and give you bad quality seeds. The seeds that we offer come from the best stock in Europe. But at any rate you should ask yourself, what kind of seeds do I want, Indica, Sativa or Ruderalis? What kind of high do I want? How experienced am I at growing? How much space do I have? Am I growing indoors or outdoors? Do I want feminized or regular seeds? All these things can effect your decision, you just have to know which direction you want to go. We have seeds with THC levels as high as 37%, but these are for the experienced smoker. Go---> HERE to check out our selection of Indica strains and go ---> HERE to check out our Sativa strains.




The Vegetative Stage




Starting Your Grow

First start your grow by germinating your seeds. Some people just place them in the grow medium, and let them do their thing.


It is easy and uncomplicated to germinate and grow your seeds and this is how you do it. Remember, everybody does it different but this is the way we do it.

1- You need a clear glass or jar. Fill ¾ full with water, place seeds in water and let set until you can tap the seeds in the jar with your finger and they go down to the bottom of the glass. If they do not sink to the bottom let them stay in the water until they sink.

2- After the seeds have sank to the bottom of the glass, remove them and place them in a folded moist paper towel. Place the paper towel in a plastic bag and put it in a dark place to germinate. This should take between 3-5 days.

3- After you notice that the seeds are sprouting, let them grow for a couple days or so to develop strong roots. In this phase it is advisable to sprinkle a small amount of Myccorhyzae fungus on the seeds and developing root system to give them a boost.

4- After your seeds have sprouted and doing well with the roots growing good, you can then plant them.

5- When planting your germinated seeds dig a hole in the soil 2-3cm (1 inch) deep and sprinkle some Mycorrhizal fungai in the hole. Be careful not to add too much, cover seeds and wait for them to sprout.

Planting Your Seeds

Here you should have your grow medium soil, coco, perlite hydroponics or whatever you are using, already finished and ready.

In general many growers like to veg their plants only for 6 weeks before sending them into flower. We feel on the other hand that it depends on the strain... Some strains grow faster than others, and if you are mainlining your plants it will take some time before they reach a height where you can flip them and get a good yield. We recommend letting your plant grow at least 1½ to 2 feet (45-60cm) before you flip them.

Feeding your plants

Up until the time you first top your plant or start mainlining them, we recommend feeding them half the recommended dose of our veganic grow ferment. PH to 6.0-7.0. We generally feed and water our plants at the same time. We usually water every 3-4 days or as often as the plant needs it. But in general the plant will tell you when it needs water, and if the leaves are droopy this is usually an indication that the plant needs water.


Training your plants

Training is an important part of plant development, and we want to start as soon as possible. The image to the right shows you how to manifold or mainline your plants. This process takes some skill and experience with training plants, but it also helps produce many buds and is easier to control as far as how the plant grows. Once your plant is large enough you can top it and start the first low stress training.

There are many ways to do this and every grower has their own method. Some let the plant veg first before starting the training, it is completely up to you.

Grow stage 1 this is the early vegetative stage where the plant needs lots of nitrogen and Phosphorus. It is essential to train your plants otherwise they will grow like weeds. That is why cannabis is sometimes called weed. For more information just follow this ==> LINK.

The Flowering Stage

For a successful grow and harvest, the amendments that you use are important because you want to get the best organic grow that you can. And in order to do this we use the plants listed below to create a good and stable fertilizer for our plants.

In order for plants to grow and thrive they need a balacned diet of natural occurring nutrients and minerals. That means a balanced NPK diet. Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Kalium (potassium). When these 3 primary nutrients are in balance along with other micro nutrients, your plant will thrive and produce.

Defoliation/Lollipoping Beginning Flower Stage High stress training/Super Cropping Flowering Stage End Product

Super Cropping

Lollipopping and defoliation. The process of defoliation is simply to remove those leaves that are obstructing the light form the buds. Between the time your plant starts to grow and harvest you should defoliate several times, as well as lolly poping. When we defoliate, we give the buds that are at the middle and bottom part of the plant more light. In this process do not remove more than 1/3 of the bottom part of leaves and stems. Once your plant is large enough, you can start the flowering process (flipping). Here you will lollipop the plant, defoliate and supercrop your plant. For a better understanding of this please follow this ---> LINK.


Final Stages

After the plant has been lolly popped, super cropped, defoliated and sent into flower, it will start a new grow phase where it will put on weight, develop trichomes and grow another foot or more. Make sure your plant gets enough phosphorus and potassium in this stage.



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