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Customers can order Shivas Grow services , and we will grow and care for the plants from seed to weed. This can prove to be very beneficial for the customer because they will not have to worry about whether the product is chemically grown or laced with artificial cannabinoids such as JWH-018 which is an aminoalkylindole used as an active ingredient of products sold as cannabis substitutes. Or AB-Chminaca which is a indazole based synthetic cannabinoid that keep you coming back to buy more, and more of these chemical bombs. These chemicals have been reported to produce in some cases seizures, deaths, and psychotic episodes in relation to these synthetic cannabinoids.

Our goal is to help people that can't afford the cannabis clubs prices or do not want to join one, get good clean Vegan grown cannabis plants. Depending on your lighting situation, 3 plants that have a height of 60-75cm and 40-60 cm wide can yield a minimum of 100-150 grams of 100% pure Vegan Grown Cannabis each, if you are growing inside. Our VCF grow is a 16-18 week grow from seed to harvest, which we will dry, cure and package the plant(s) for the customer. If a seed is bad we will automatically replace it at no extra cost to the customer insuring that they get 3 healthy plants.

We will control direct and *Flip* your plants at the proper time and make all the necessary needed changes i.e. feeding, watering, defoliation, low stress training, high stress training, super cropping etc.

Vegan or organically grown marijuana is becoming more and more the trend now days and if you are tired of filling your body with inferior chemically treated cannabis then you are on the right road, because it is your right NOT to have to consume cannabis that is loaded with artificial cannabanoids and other chemicals. The plants that we eat and use on a daily basis were not created to consume chemicals. Below are 6 reasons why you should grow your own VCF weed.


Your overall health is very important, and you want to consume cannabis that is free from chemicals and pesticides.

2- Finance

Cannabis clubs and Pharmacies will surly raise the price of cannabis high above the street price, which in turn will cause the street prices to rise. You can save a ton of money, by growing your own chemical free cannabis yourself.

3-Plant Health

Chemicals destroy the plant immune system, and makes them toxic when you feed them chemical fertilizers. One can never be 100% sure if they are purchasing cannabis that is grown chemically free.


A clean body is a clean mind. Get away from chemically grown and treated cannabis, that is loaded with artificial cannabanoids.


Medical marijuana can be consumed by eating or smoking it. Try edibles, you will be surprised the difference that eating cannabis makes.


Great for medical patients that cannot smoke, by consuming cannabis orally you get a different sensation than smoking.

Here's how it works. We will at customers request plant and grow their cannabis seeds for them. The customer chooses the genetics from our selections and place the order. Once the order is finalized, we will germinate, plant and grow your seed (s) for you. We then grow the plant and care for them throughout the entire grow and flower periods. That includes, space, lighting, feeding, low stress training, high stress training, super cropping, lolly popping and flipping your plant. The entire process when growing inside takes between 16-18 weeks. After plants have been harvested we will dry, cure and deliver to the customer 100% Vegan chemical free grown cannabis---DOWNLOAD THE ANTRAG HERE!

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Order form for Private Canna Grow


Shivas Grow Garden

Inh. Don Ridgeway/Caleb Ridgeway

Am Lindenbaum 20, 60433 Frankfurt

Shivas Grow Garden – Am Lindenbaum 20 – 60433 Frankfurt/M

Telefon: 0179 - 5092816

Email: shiva@shivasgrowgarden.com

Web: www.shivasgrowgarden.com


Ms/M/Firm ------------------------------------------------------

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Tel.: ------------------------------------------------------

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Over 18? Yes No


I, name......................................... authorize the company Shivas Grow Garden, Am Lindenbaum
20, 60433 Frankfurt/M- to grow and harvest 3 cannabis plants from seed on my behalf.


Customer No. 1910401

Order No. 12171

Date: --.--.2023

Length: 16-18 weeks

Starting Date: --.--.2023

End Date: --.--. 2023




3- seeds   €00.00
Space for 3 plants 2qm a 16.42x4 €65.68


Below you will find the VCF products that we feed to all of our plants. For more information on each product, please visit our website.

VeGrow Supreme Quick Start 200ml €16.69
VeGrow Supreme Calmax 200ml €17.46
VeGrow Supreme Plus 200ml €16.64
VeGrow Supreme Soil Saver 200g €19.24
Mycorr Supreme 200g €19.49
Magnesium Supreme 200g €11.88
Mycorr Supreme 200g  
VeGrow Supreme Fatbudz 200ml €20.03
VeGrow Supreme PK Booster 200ml €16.27
VeGrow Supreme Bud Spray 200ml €19.84
VeGrow Supreme Supreme Calmax 200ml €17.46
Magnesium Supreme 200g  
Sub total   €000.00

Time schedule change/ Flipping


Grow Period 1+2 - 16-18 weeks - 3 Plants

Soil prep, gemination, planting, defoliation, low/high stress training


Flipping your Plants - Plants je €40 week 10-18

Feeding change, defoliation, super crpopping, lollipopping, HS training, directing


Bloom period 1 - 3 Plants je €30 week 12-15

Direction, high/ low stress training super cropping TLC etc.


Bloom period 2 - 3 Plants je €30

2nd defoliation, prepare for harvest - per plant week 15-18


Curing Packing 3 Plants je €30

We deliver to the customer cured and manicured VCF cannabis as per order

Sub total €000.00
TOTAL €000.00

Date --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Signature -------------------------------------------------------------------------


* To start cultivation, customers must pay 30% of the total price in advance. Things like mycorrhizae fungai, calcium powder, magnesium sulfate, medium, electricity, water and lighting are not included in the invoice. These things are part of the total package, which saves the customer much more money if we proceed in this way. We will care for your plants and make sure that all the necessary life cycle adjustments and changes are made.

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Am Lindenbaum 20 IBAN: DE40500502011202299871 shiva@shivasgrowgarden.com Frankfurt/M
60433 Frankfurt/M Bic: HELADEF1822


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